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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Date: 2nd AUGUST 2011
2nd day of fasting month

This morning, in the class, "one girl" asks me to SHUT UP!

SHUT UP, IZZUL !!! She said it TWICE to me! First during Social Studies class, then another one during Language Description class. Macam taikkkkkkk!

She said it TWICE to me and it hurts me like hell!

I have no mood to study and learn LDS tadi dalam kelas!


p/s: Macam dia tu pandai sangat! Kalau dia merapu dan melawak dalam kelas pun x da orang kisah sangat pun kat dia. Macam taikkkk!

Maybe you don't mean what had you said to me, but your actions are too mean for me. Well, maybe I am easily touch and sooooo sensitive. But I hate people ask me to Shut Up in the class, while I am actually response to the lesson in the class. Plus, I am not even making such a loud noise that disturbing people pun. Sorry if you read this. I am not writing it for you to read. Bye, belahhhhh!