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Monday, August 1, 2011

Photo #6

Hi, readers! Rajin tak I keep on posting on photo entry ni. Well, this is the last one tonight, I PROMISE!

If you guys realize, look at my blog's header and the footer. I am photo shooting the same pose (reading) using the same prop (same book). So obvious. The pictures taken specially for my blog. And because they are nice, I just want to share with you guys. I don't need your negative response, okay. You can say anything you want about my photos, but I post what I found beautiful. 

For the picture above, it tells you a story. Not the book I read tell me the story, but the picture itself has something more behind. Think and think. 

Thanks for those who were thinking just now. Actually, it was nothing to think over. I just "terbalikkan" the book that tells you guys I am really into reading, reading??? Or browsing the pictures of fishes? hua3

Well, I shut myself up!


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