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Friday, March 8, 2013

Total Cheat Day!

Failed! I am failed to control this temptation!

I had my shake this morning to replace my breakfast. Then, I took carb-protein-more fibre & vitamin-based lunch. After Jumaat prayer, I hang out at the cafe and drink Ais Limau. This is where "ah-uh" moment comes! I saw my friend having nasi kukus and I was like...I want nasi kukus too! Well fine, I took a second lunch, unhealthy lunch instead. Later at 3pm, I went out to The Garden, Mid valley to shop for some art stuff at Art Friend. I went there with my senior and my junior. And my temptation was tested once again, seeing all cute stuff and the store offers a lot kind of art stuff. I had been there before to shop stationaries, but I never felt the way I feel today the moment I step into the store. Never mind, forget about it. We rushed back college as we need to go to the field to support Green House! Guess what, it was raining and the games postponed to next Tuesday. So, we went for an early dinner at Scud. This is serious I am telling you, how can you not feel like eating when you saw variety of food and they are sizzled in the bowl and it released smoke too. Fresh and hot and for sure Yummy! Without thinking twice, I took protein-based, a large fleshy chicken breast and more more rice and fried vegetables. And now I have total 3 times meal, heavy meal. 

The story does not end up here. After that, I get into the college I saw my two friends are waiting at the guard house. To make this post short, I went to Mid Valley with them again, do not get me wrong, I was forced by them. However, I promised myself not to join them dinner. We went to Sushi King and initially I planned to have a saucer of sushi, but guess what, I have a total 5 plates! And I am total full!!!

And where goes my diet program? I shouldn't be eating a lot like hell like what I did. I was really under control of my own temptation.

I have to burn those calories before mid night or maybe I can go for a jog tomorrow morning!

Sorry, Herbalife. The food outside there is just to Yummy...

Until then, be discipline and having a day "cheat day" is a never mind!??? HAHA :)))


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