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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Bad April Fool day ever!

You guys must be wondering and thinking and get so much excited while reading the title of this post. The bad April Fool day ever? I bet most of you guys will think that my I caught in a prank or I was pranked by my friends. Either of the two are nothing to do with my bad day April Fool ever.
April fool? Not as fool as it was before, five six years back? Some people even celebrated their birthday on the April fool. I have a friend of mine who celebrated her birthday on this day, even my former best teacher ever, so I wished them a Born Anniversary wish yesterday! Both of them are the people who had inspired me and had so much making me a better person in this world.
However, I had this bad day ever in my life. Ever? After all this was my current bad day?!
Yesterday, which was during the April fool, I was suppose to submit my assignment, which due on the day. As always, I love last minutes works. The day before, I had promised myself to complete at least half of it so I can go this one event. Do you guys understand? I have to submit on Monday, and I have event to attend on Sunday. So the night before I was actually half way completing it. The next morning, before I was actually attend the event, while I was waiting my friend to come, I complete the assignment and I managed to add in like 200 more words, which was ok? Then, I attended the event. To be specific, its Herbalife event, Seminar Training Success (STS) at Shah Alam, and International President Team Members was there to be the speaker. So, who wants to miss it? I won't! Then, I was there for the whole day and after I came back, I was caught by the serious cold. I always have this serious cold ever since I birth. Then, I took my dinner later that night and promised myself to just have a short nap before I actually started working on my piece. 
There you go, my friend is taking my space, I mean he used my table and I have no where to do my assignment. C'mon, common sense, I want to sit at my place and you go and do your work somewhere else but he to his ignorance pretending like nothing happen! Then, I continued my nap till I woke up around 3am to actually start doing it, in hope that he was gone sleeping. There you go, he was there, still working on his and I was like, how many hours and day you need to complete it? Maybe he wanted to create a A+++ piece and we'll see. Then, I continued my dream world lah!
That morning, I woke early to get ready for class. I have no idea why my inner side was saying not to go class and complete my assignment. Without doubt, I made decision not to go to the class the whole day!
This is where my bad day started. During the lecture my names was being called up by one of the lecture. He surely know I was working on the assignment. Oh my!
Then, during Reading & Vocab lecture, the lecturer realized that there are so many empty chairs in the hall and she did head count. My tutorial lecturer called me but I won't answered. Then, she texted me... Here it goes..
"Salam absent. Why? Head count now"
I was like, what? Then, I heard from all of my friends that the lecturer are going to issued the Borang Salah Laku and called our parents. I was scared to death, I am telling you!
If it is happen for real, I will be getting 3 Borang Salah Laku at one time! Which I never thought of getting it ever and ever in my life. What make worst was my friend mock me! I know it was my decision not to come to class, but please, do not mock me! Just because he said that few sentences and broke my heart and I was about to burst into tears but I said to myself, never mind. I know what and how to do about it! We will see!
Somehow or rather, I thought April fool will be fun listening to people prank other stories or some sort, but however, ironically it turns to a bad day for me!
I went to the last lecture, then I attend the assembly which my other friends not and after that I plan to jog but due to rain I went to gym instead. Ahuh? Gym? Hell-o and squeeze youuu? I nak bina muscle jugak ok! Wakaka... Then, there are many man keep coming to the gym, I out and rain had stop, I out to tennis court and and jog around it. Then, I did my aerobic myself while listen to the music!
That how I spent my April fool! Stress! Down!
Somehow, I am manage to control my anger that swishing around me!
Until then, thanks for reading. Bye!


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