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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Run out cash!

Seriously, I was running out of cash. I have few ringgits to survive for a week or two. 
It has been 2 weeks away from home and I spend like I have been here for a month. 
I have to pay books and spending on lots other expenses. 
Books are of high demands now. Lecturers are keep on asking us to pay the books.
Thus, don't get freak if I act a little bit stingy these days onward. I need to spend the few ringgits left wisely.
Mom, will call you if I am in the state of desperation. 
Huhh, what a life? There will comes a time when money and currency isn't anything worth for everyone. Then, that will be the time that everybody faces no financial problems. Not at all. LOL!
I am waiting. Still waiting for allowances banked in my account.
Till that, I end this post. Bye.

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