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Monday, January 16, 2012

What do you hate the most #3

Hi, all. Such a warm morning. I am sweating though it is 1 am in the morning. Okay, enough of silly flowery languages.
Well now, what do I hate the most? This is the hatred number 3.
I hate it when my life was governed by other's rules and so forth. I hate it when I should have control of my own life but was governed and controlled by others.
I live this life up to my expectations and not yours. I am voiceless at the moment because I knew that I bear it for the time being. I am not so sure if you realized what have you done, how unfair you serve and treat me. How "I don't care about it" actually.
Remind you that this is not all I wanted. You think how can we be together and etc. Then, recall back how and what have you done as long as we together. I am looking forward this semester to have its end. Then, we just say Hi when we both pass by each other. :)
Just continue governing my life, what should I do, where should I go and what next in my daily routine. I let you have the control. :)

Then, I started to have this not-so-good kind of dislikes towards you. Your stupid-innate-nature is the reason why. My language puzzling all over as the mad goes along. Taikkkkk.


Hidung tak mancung, pipi kau tersorong-sorong. Peace yah!

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