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Saturday, July 2, 2011

2 days update

Hello, here I back after few days off. I just got free time to update this.
The first and second week for this semester was crazy crammed full packed! The first week I was involved with the Minggu Pengurusan Pelajar Baru (new intake) until Thursday. After that, we were busied practicing and doing rehearsal for Majlis Sambutan Hari Guru which was held on Monday this week. All day long we put on our efforts, focus and commitments to it. Then, on the second week I was managed to be in the class and studied as usual, but still there was a lot for me to catch up! I need to find myself time to complete all the undone tasks and time to do revision.
During my weekend in the first week, I was managed to out sending my juniors to shop. Then, during this weekend I went out too with some of my friends.
Last Friday, we went out for makan2 at Chicken Rice Shop to celebrate our very first achievement for this semester. There were about 20+ of us, and I enjoyed our moments together. Thanks to my seniors for the treats, we enjoyed the foods and there were a lot like heaven! I was full because I was too happy being able to be together with them. After that, we were planning for bowling games, but the place was fully booked until 8pm, so we wait. I enjoyed the games, and it was pretty first time for me played it. However, we enjoyed!

*no pictures but you can browse it through my facebook

On the next day was Larian 1 Murid, 1 Sukan, 1 Malaysia ... We enjoyed the day though we need to wake up early as early as 6am that day ...

In the afternoon, I accompanied Charisma and Harris to Fahreinheit (check my spelling) and Low Yatt ...

We went to KLCC , eating slices of cakes at Secret Recipe, walking to Wisma Central seeking for costume, then walking again to Pavillion, window shop and camwhore at Pavi, then out looking for costume shop at Fahreinheit and we slurpee too! Then, cash out money, got the costume then to Low Yatt to get Harris' Canon DSLR, then been cheated at Shinkiya, we thought we ate RM9.90 each but ended up paying the RM51.00 bill ... Then, up and down the Low Yatt looking for unnecessary things, end up bought the inkjet refill ... Then, straight to Times Square ... Up and down , planning to watch movies but some of them were tired already and going back to IPBA .... What a fun yet exhausting day !!!!!!!!!!! :)

*sorry no pictures but you can browse it through my facebook

Enough write and said ... Toodles !