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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Deactivate Successful

Yayy, I am finally able and successfully DEACTIVATE my FACEBOOK account! It was about few days ago, after a year of trying to deactivate it. It is not an easy one, it needs strong power, will and determination to do that. Yes, I am strong enough to say NO to Facebook! Well, as for this Semester I will sit for exam, so I need time to do revision, and spend more time with books... Hopefully, let see the changes after this!

Please click "Deactivate My Account", hahaa

DARE enough to say NO to FACEBOOK?!!!

Here you go, trash !!!

P/S: I am not permanently gone from Facebook, it is just temporary. I will be back sooner or later, but not so soon! hehe :)

Furthermore, I have time to update my blog and keep you guys updated of what I am up to!
Well, having said now is ASSIGNMENTS WAR II.... This is what I call as Assignments Period! There are about 3 that I need to submit in August.... It just around the corner.... Let's battle with it!!!

Ok, enough said ... Will be back soon!!! Toodles .... :)

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