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Monday, March 7, 2011

not-so-surprise PARTY

REMEMBER that day I had mentioned about the birthday wish that I waiting for?
He called my AYEIN MOORE and I never know secretly she had told HIM bout that. Then, she pass the phone to ME! 
Then, bermula lah EPISOD suka duka !
The guy that I mentioned was bro Harris, that day we were in the class, studying for the coming Mock Exam, then HE asked us out, unfortunately we can't.
HE told me that it was part of the plan, dia saja2 x nak WISH I so that I sentap!
SENTAP ke? haha, bukan apa jealous la kan, HE gives MORE love to another sibling tuhh! hehe :)
Actually, I would like describe more how it was, but MALAS la pulak. Let pictures tell you guys bout the NOT-SO-SURPRISE party !

Here we GO !

The butter cupcakes from delicious, there are 3 of them, with gummy bear on it! yum yum ...
THANK YOU! I didn't expect any party for ME this yr ! :)

I blow the candle !!! 

That's it, actually I got more pictures, but this are the selected one. Ye la kan, x kan nak UPLOAD smua kan? hihii
Actually, right after that I have ENGLISH STUDIES extra class with Ms Hendon, and she was calling me during our gathering, and I didn't answer HER. hehe :) 

Until now, thanks for reading!
I will always try to spend more with MY BLOG after this, and improve me MORE to use more ENGLISH in my BLOG. It was part of learning, since I will become an English Teacher in the future. hehe :P

ok, BYE!

T H A T . I S N ' T . T H E . E N D

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