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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

not-so-official BIRTHDAY PART 2

Salam, Hello and Good Morning ... 
I will always keep updatin my blog late in the nite or early in the mornin... coz tht is the only time m free from doin anythin, not-so-free but free myself from any works... ye la kan, the whole day i face my lecturers, books, notes, rushing here and there, so why cant i have myself on blog or even my facebook or twitter kan? well, whenever i post a new entry, i will always start with redundant intro that is not really related to my entry's topic. SO, READ MY ENTRY'S TOPIC! siap ada PART 2 gitu, ye la kan, i was born back in 1992 on february 29th, so ths yr 29th didnt exist in the calendar, so my bday is either 28th or 1st march, because 29th is before 1st march and after 28th... haha :) wat such a rule?! ADA AKU KISAH kan ? hahaa ... actually, neither 28th or 1st is my birthday, dah x da tu buat2 je x da, dont over react pulak! hahaa :)
well, wat is in PART 2?
PART 2 is the continuing of my older post, well i've mentioned tht m waitin for more birthday wishes kan from those who suppose to wish me early. yes, i've received within a fews but not all, however let bygone be bygone. m not goin to take ths into serious because its not even my birthday kan? so, pagi 1st march i bangun and received bout 4 messages but only 3 wishin me birthday, one from my mom kan, dh mention, another one from kak noni, and another one strangers (later i found it was kak MERAZATI) . THANKS to THEM. that morning while waiting for my lecturer nak confirm where to have our class, jumpa kak Amirah Izzati and that is why i taw tht the txt msges is from HER. hehe, then after class trus direct g kantin, then jumpa kak MIRA, gurau punya gurau, she treat my BRUNCH. dah kita orang g kuar makan awl, so no choices of LAUK ! i took 2 pieces of AYAM la kan, ngak kuah apa ntah aku pun dh LUPA! i knew it cost me rm5, haaa, then akak MIRA pun btol2 and serious nak bayar, ok FINE! knapa x kan? lepas tu hmpir 10 kali kot i THANKED her, hehee :) THANKED THANKED ! time bayar tuh dia siap soh buat POST ENTRY kat BLOG gitu, and i ckap la i dh buat (PART 1) tapi not even mentioning her name, dh dia wish LAMABAT KAN ? haha :) NOW, post ni mcm untok dia la pulak! hehee :)
then petang tu, i g library UM sbb nak ambek brang photocopy tht was about on Saturday, they promise us to call once done, then kna bg deposit rm10, ngada2 je. smpai kat sna, dorang x copy pun, and the duit (deposit) masti berstaple lam buku tu, x gk ambek msa lma nak copy, adoii... hampeh, then i have myself time to continue my social studies assignment in peace, however x cyap gk. in front of me there were about 3 books, 6-8 articles frm different sources, bluur gk nak buat! then, i managed to reached until 500++ words je, eiww.. actually plan nak stay smpai mlm, coz i wana bck ipba at 11pm if possible, but howevr dh sejuk sngat at 7 i kuar the library. hehe.... YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT, the time before i reached the library, i realize tht i forgot to bring along my Kad Pelajar, alahh, once arrived kan, i masuk je and pretending mcm budak UM, haha... no one even know kan, plus i always g sna, hahaaa :) mmg mcm student UM dh.
pastu tu, i slow walk je sbb mlm msih sngat MUDA kan ? smbil mghirup kesegaran udara kan? best, smbil feeling2, jiwang2, emo2, BEST! hehe... then, nak balik IPBA ke x? AT LAST, melencong ke Universiti Station, nak makan Char Kuey Teow and Kerang Bakar, sedap nyum nyum ! huuu :) pusing punya pusing, there's no sit, x even layan pun, then pata balik nk beli burger, then burger mcm x worth, dh2 MAHAL, ntah sedap ke x! hagaga :)
then, i cr gk place to sit, then i saw someone nak byar, in a few second, dorang dh tinggal kan meja, then ada pulak pelayan tu nak bg kat orng lain, then tnpa rsa sopan santun, "I GOT THIS PLACE FIRST!!!!" hahaaa
alah, x lama pastu dorang p tambah meja kat atas jalan, rupanya dorang ada simpa mja lagi lol
hahaa.. order then makan, nyum2, service laju je malam tuhh! hahaaa. makan pun laju gk..
then, sbb smua laju kan, malam masih MUDA gk, nak balik ipba ke x nihh, humm...
alah, where else to go kan? so, balik je la, then smpai pintu gate um belah luar tu ada jumpa orng jual burger, bak beli burger tapi orng tu plak mcm x da, humm... alah, lintas smpai dpan amjal, nak balik ke x ni ehh? rsa meluat nak masuk ipba i dunno why, huu...
the, patah balik i masuk pkai pintu depan pulak tuh, but leavin my PAS KELUAR kat another entrance, ada aku kisah kan? hahaaa :)
i call my friend nak g hntar extension kat dia gk... hehee
then, masuk ipba ala2 budak IPBM nak guna ATM kan, then pretending pulak guna ATM? what the heck i was doin kan? then, jumpa plak kawan naik g libary, then follow them cr buku, lupa pulak that my friend waiting for me regarding to extension wire tuhh, hehee...
then balik, otw someone called me, kata nak jumpa, abg rahman nk jumpa.... them, i cpat2 g blok 5 hntar extension wire kat kwan, then I RECEIVED ANOTHER GIFT. a small box, dorang ckap nak complete kan hadiah i time valentine tuh, okehh... hadiah tu TIE kaler purple, nak suit kan ngan baju yg dorang bg tuh, tht hadiah was from Cyra, but on behalf ayn yg bagi, it was from them lah, ayn yg tlong pilihkan kaler tuhh... hehee:)
then, balik rushing, lift OUT OF SERVICE. naik tangga jumpa abg tu dulu regardin to blok meeting, i secretary and kna siapkan ada FILE tuh... hee :) tu je rupanya, hee
then naik rumah, msuk bilik berpeluh2, lempar beg atas katil and hadiah, i was shocked to found another 2 envelopes of card, birthday card from edy and fendy. humm... NO KOMEN! :)
will not telling u guys even more further bout this, hahaaa :)
SORRY that i didnt ambek gbr hadiah2 tuh, and upload it here, mayb later, hehe :)
then, g mandi and call someone nak GOSSIPING la kan? harus laa, haaa :)

p/s i can repost this later, nak continue buat tapi ngantok dh!!!!!

T H A T . I S N ' T . T H E . E N D

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