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Monday, March 7, 2011

What is sweeping statement ?

Hello :)
My Language Development paper today i feel it SUCK la!
I didn't do well for the paper as I have no idea to write the essays just now. I'm bad in writing, the worst part is my Free Writing, that was Narrative essay. I'm good in telling story, but writing story! I just don't know why, but i prefer writing factual essays, but then (so many but) when I received my first draft today from my lecturer, she said the way I'm writing is NOT ACADEMIC WRITING WAY!
I can write a good essay, but not in academic writing. My ENGLISH is BAHASA PASAR PUNYA ENGLISH or in other word Spoken English. How hard I try to change the way I wrote an essay, but I just can't escape that way of writing. I will always write just the way we talk or speak. Humm ... BAD!
So, what is wrong actually ? Grammar? Language? The answer is BOTH !
So, what the heck is my entry ALL ABOUT now?
In my essay, I usually wrote on something that I seen in my daily life, something that is true and real happening, something interesting to read about. But, my lecturer said in academic writing if I wrote such things it is called "SWEEPING STATEMENT' which means, statement that we not sure off whether it is TRUE or FALSE. It happens but not happen to everybody!
So, here I am. In the library, actually planning to meet my Lecturer to ask HER regarding that matter, but I cancel meeting HER. Humm..,
Maybe, what I can do is borrow a book on Academic Writing and edit my Draft tonight, while reading to the book to help me. When my second draft is also rejected, so maybe I can have myself a time to seat with HER and ask WHAT IS THE BEST FOR MY ESSAY, HOW TO IMPROVE MY ESSAY and WHAT SHOULD I DO and bla bla bla ... :)

But, what happen in the library? I have myself time to update my Facebook and Twitter and BLOG! ohh my PRADA !!!


I need to study for my next Paper: English Studies!
Reread the short stories, poems, and Trifles... arggghhh!

Until now, BYE !!!

T H A T . I S N ' T . T H E . E N D

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