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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good bye for you ?

Hey, readers!
I wish that He could read this entry because it is dedicated to Him. Why? Because I think that I should now tell everyone about the cold relationship that we had now! And maybe because I should say Good bye friend to you. I know it is hard for me but it is the better way so that I wouldn't think of you anymore.

Hey, thanks for being a great friend of mine since we first met during the interview. I never really expected that we will be here in the same campus and being best friend for quite sometimes. I still remember how we can get along together and being such a best friend ever in this campus. I admit that I like being your friend and I hope you would feel the same too. Even though sometimes I dislike your attitudes for some reasons, however as a good friend of yours, acceptance is really really important. We share the laughs together, we share stories together, we have hard and tough time together, we happy together, we gossip about people together and in the end we being friend with them and it is funny. Yes, I miss the moments that we had spend together before. But, people changed. Each of us had changed, some for the better, some were not. I being friend with you and everyone else. I'm good with all people until I became the middle person of you and Her. I just don't understand why suddenly you hate Her. However how hard She tried to be good with you, still you hate Her. Until, She finally give up. I was confused, at the same time I have to take care of your feeling and I have to listen to Her problems too. Then, time pass by and we were not as close I we used to be before. You were too busy with campus activities and I was too busy with my own activities too, and there you close with someone that once we talk about. You went dinner with Him, you started to join Christian Fellowship (CF) with Him and yes you changed! Well, I don't say it is not good, but it is good that you started to join them to church. You had spend more time with them, and I was spending time with others too. Plus, we were no longer house mate or room mate that affect our friendship. But, I usually come into your room because my room is too crowded with many people coming in and hang out there.

Until one night, She called me. But she's not talking about you but about someone else. There is a misunderstanding between the girls and she called me and so I listened to Her problems. Then, I just don't know why suddenly I want to interfere them and settle the problems. Yes, I post in Facebook so that The Girl reads, just for That Girl to read. There was about 4-5 posts... The next day, I have a promise with my friends to UM's Library to do some research on my assignments. There, I was online and I was shocked to see your new post. I know you were mentioned me in the post. Actually, I'm not even post in Twitter or Tumbler or Blog yet... You were obviously misunderstood. I post only in Facebook for The Girl to read and response but yet you were the one who response to it. You were "melenting melatah x tentu pasal". Or maybe because you "terase" because "you ada buat salah kot kat i"... She called me again, telling and inform me about your status, and I even comment on your status but yet to receive any reply from you. "Nampak sangat you mention I in the post and marah I"... My question is: Why did you react that way to my status although I was not mentioned you!?
Then, I just wait for you to come and see me to see whether you and me are okay or the other way round. Yes, after that I didn't come to your room and you too! That was the day when everything started and ruined. Okay, since I'm not the one who start ignoring you but you, I am still waiting for your apology until the holidays is over. If you think your ego is high, and so my ego is even higher than you. I am a person will definitely ask forgiveness from a person if and only if I had did wrong to them. I just don't think that I had ignored you at the first place but you did. Don't expect me to always come to your room and look for you while you are not even do that to me. Don't expect people to always treating you good and make you feel like you are at the top of the world. You should sometimes stand in front of the mirror and reflect your true self and see what is wrong with you and what is right. You should learn to evaluate yourself and stop judging and criticizes other people around you.
Since we were not okay, we talk about you a lot. Mostly, about the good things. How can we be friend and the moments that we had been together and the memories that keep inprint and everlasting in our mind. We think about you a lot, and we questioned ourselves: Did you think of us too? Or you talk us behind more???
Well, day by day we avoid ourselves to talk about you anymore because we thought that it just useless of thinking on someone that will never appreciate it. Yes, day by day we less talking about you but it just for God's sake that you were suddenly appear in front of us that had make us think of you over and over again. Until now, I make up my mind to say forever Good Bye for you. I didn't see that our friendship will become even better in the future. I had promised myself not to think about you anymore, and left you as a memories that I should never ever remember. You are my past, my bad past. You are once a best friend of mine, but not a best friend forever. Luckily, it was damn easy for me to diminished the memories between us because there's not so much memories that could remind me of you. Not so much!!!
Here, again, I would like to sat thank you for being such a good friend especially you help me a lot of my financial. Thank you for being such a understanding friend when I have no money to eat and shared the hard time together. Thanks a lot for that, but sorry that I should get rid of it from my remembrance!

So, this is my first and the last post that I will tell everybody who reads this about our cold friendship. I did this because lots of my friends did not even knew that we were no longer as close as we used before. Just a few of them who knew this. This post is for you to read. I'm not sure if you stalking my blog, because since we were not okay, I always visit your Facebook to see your latest updates and how is your doing. I bet you did the same too, only if you did. Deeply inside my heart, you did come to my wall in Facebook and read my updates and statuses. However, I'm nor sure if you really did it now because I rarely see you online now. I hope that somehow some day you will read this, Edwin Chabo.
Yes, He is Valentine Edwin Chabo (facebook)...

Sorry for everything! Thanks for the birthday card you had gave to me! I forgive you for the late wishes. As long as you sincerely giving me the card, that could be better.
Remember the time you called me, I was purposely didn't answered it. Because, I hate to hear to your voice. Then, I just reply your text messages simple because I had nothing much to say. That one morning, you had also called me and purposely I didn't answered. I am wondering why you called me, and until now I want to ask you the question... Why had you called me ???????????????

I admit it, never in a day I never forget about you even after I post this. Finally I realized that this way had hurting me so much. Then, I make up my decision to forever forget about you. Forever!!!

So, my last saying is ... I am still waiting for your apology!

Good bye, my friend ....

Your truthfully,

Izzul Faiz bin Abdul Mutalip

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