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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Day with My Girls

Hello, world!
So, today is already Sunday in just a few minutes, and my second day of holiday!
Yesterday, I went out with my girls, one from UM and another from Penang, arrived here around 2pm at KL Central. This was the first time three of us went out together in KL. Yay, mission accomplished!


I was preparing my Maggi and my cup of hot Milo, for me to stay awake and update my blog tonight!

Yesterday was a great day for me. Reen had came here from Penang to spend our Mid Term break at KL. But so bad she's here until Monday so today we will gone around KL the whole, hopefully. At 1pm, Firah and I started our journey to LRT Station, and took train to KL Central. There, we first met Ayein and Cyra at Secret Recipe before Reen arrive. Actually I was planning to introduce Reen to them, but Aisyah was already in the train to KLIA, she went back to Sabah. So, left Ayein and Cyra at Secret Recipe eating Choco Indulgence, yum yum ! :)

Then, when Reen had arrived I have to leave them both and search for Reen, haha
And we found her sitting waiting for us, but for the first time Firah and me doubted to buzz HER, she looks different, then Firah make a call and the girl answered and definitely she was REEN!

We were happy to see each other and have a chance to gather in KL.
Then, with empty tummy and craving for something to eat, we had hard time to decide where to have our lunch, and finally we head to KFC, and lots of people there. However we managed to get a place! Then, we enjoy chit chat and plan where to go next. Finally, we make up decision to go Mid Valley as it is too late for us to go to Times Square or Sungei Wang or Low Yatt or Lot 10 or Pavillion ! Melampauuu! Also, have least time to Sunway Pyramid or The Curve or One Utama ? muaHAHA :P
Next, we took KTM to Mid Valley. So, what do you expect kan? While waiting for the train we heard someone crying but we were not sure who? A child or a teen's girl? Ehh, well KL kan? What else do you expect?
In the train, full-crammed-crowded people and luckily we managed to get ourselves in even Firah was hit and push hardly by an old-x sedar diri punya orang tua! We heard that he said "Alah, perempuan masuk la tengah, itu pun x dapat nak fikir ka?"
The problem is, every coach dah penuh, x kan dia x nak considerate. We were just an innocent teen kan? 
Sabar je la, and the time we reached Mid, wowww, FULLLL .....
Then, we in and out the shop until we made a decision to tengok wayang and there's lots of people in the que... Yes, we que juga whatever it is. While waiting and queing, we come out with different movies to watch. I want to watch Beastly because I am waiting for it, also because I love Hudgens and Pettyfer! I want to watch I am No 4 and the Black Swan and 127 Hours as well. However, Firah want to watch Ranggo, cartoon. Then, we decide to "osom" first and who win, he or she will decide the movie that he or she least interest to watch. 
and the Winner is Safirah and she dislikes Beastly so we watched Beastly, but..... FULL!
Almost all movies that day were selling fast, and if got any selling that will be late at night but we promise to go back early. Then, Ranggo has no good place, 127 Hours show only at 9pm, finally... TRY to guess what were we watching?

"No String Attached" cast by Ashton Kutcher...

Actually that day my bro was offering me to watch that movie as he got 2 free tickets from Nuffnang again. But, so bad I can't make it because I have burden of works to do. Finally, both of us didn't go.

OK, the movie was great and people were questioned us about our age! lol :)

Then, before waiting for the movie showing we have the time to in and out the shop once again, and camwhore. So bad the pictures are not with me now!

After the movie, we direct went back to campus by bus as it's late already!

Yes, that's it!
We separate and say Good Bye and Good Night. 
With hope to see each other again on Sunday for another trip around KL!
Thus, where it would be?

Don't forget to keep on date with another post later ok!

Yahh guys, have to pen off now.
If my eyes won't close, maybe (just maybe) I will be editing my first draft assigment to be submitted next week once class started...




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