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Saturday, March 12, 2011

6th List

Today, I want to make a new list of things to buy for this semester and this is the 6th list of things to buy since last semester and the 2nd for this year!

  1. Leather shoes from Bata
  2. Bag or maybe Bags for laptop and for class
  3. Lomo Cam
  4. MP4 or at least MP3 from Sony of SkyBlue pun jadi la!
  5. DSLR from Nikon or Sony or FujiFilm pun jadi la!
  6. Broadband payment for 2 month
  7. A new laptop for works only
  8. A new laptop for fun, lol :)
  9. A new phone, perhaps iPhone 4 or Blackberry, or at least QWERTY pad phone or touch screen phone
  10. Novels, books... from Nicholas Spark and Ramlee Awang Murshid
  11. Make sure every month there is at least RM200 in your account
  12. A new shirt, just "a"

p/s: Those who read, help me to get it okay!


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