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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Story of Lift

Good morning!

Wondering either I wake up early this morning or I haven't sleep yet ?

The answer is I haven't sleep yet. The reason why? I was on editing my pictures for my blog new header sooner or later. Just wait! Guess where am I putting my baby Dell on now? ? ?

On a toaster, don't worry because the toaster is no longer HOT! Because I need to sit and type for this entry, I need a comfortable table (in this case the toaster is my table) !

So, what the heck is my entry all about?
About a lift? Scary lift? Which lift? Okay, let us move on. The story began like this ...
Last night, after I post an entry on I need Shower, I go take shower because I have meeting at 9pm. So, after dress up and everything, I wait for the lift as I was at 6th floor okay! Then, the lift arrived and open so I enter, while texting my friends. Out of the blue, the lift stop and I got stuck in it! OHHH MYY LIFTT! Ihave no idea on what to do after that. Then, I text my friend for help and I mention I was seriously stuck in the lift.

This was my first time got stuck in the lift, and my first time experience it. I almost cry I tell you, because I feel nervous if there was no one will help me and I might be sleeping in the lift for a night, or maybe a day! Without foods, drinks... Then, I press the bell for so many time so that people can hear it from the outside.

Luckily, my friend help me and told the other senior to call someone in charge for the lift. I text my friend and he said that everything will be okay, and it only get stuck for minutes, but when you were in the lift and got stuck there, a second is also long !!! Then, the people outside keep on asking how am I doin, and asking if there are anymore people with me, and I told them that I am alone! They ask me to calm down and promise me that everythings will be fine. OKAY! Luckily I can hide my real feeling during the time! I just can't explained how! Nervous, sad and everything negative...

Then, I was shocked that they interact with me via speaker (m not sure what) and they keep on askin me the same questions, and his last question was "Ko kenal ke aku siapa?", then the lift go down and I arrived ground floor, and when the door was open, I can see lots of people there... and watching me walk out the lift! :) and I was like "WHAT?", ok thanks for saving me bha! hehe... but I just couldn't stare at them any longer and directly walk off the block! ohh my GOD!

Well, that was my first time got stuck in the lift, at my campus! Luckily, the lights are still on when I got stuck!

But at least, once in a lifetime I have experience the feeling of being alone in the lift and got stuck!!!

Well, my readers and my fellows... Thanks for reading!!!

I think I should go for a sleep!

I should pen off now, bye...

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