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Monday, February 28, 2011

not-so-official BIRTHDAY

Hello everyone! 
It has been ages i didn't update my blog. Well kan, it's the end of the month pun, and my internet connection was like @#$%&*. 
I remember that day i nak at least update my bloh, i post entry in form of pictures je (the post b4 this post). Its not that i have nothin to share and post, i do have. thats the reason why i have no time for blog lately. i was busy outside, but weird i'll make sure myself on facebook and twitter everyday, even just an hour per on9 session. my reason is sbb facebook and twitter easy, just post and tweet people response, thats it! thats the easy way to share moments, but BLOG its more details and enjoy to read. haha :)
but i'l promise u guys and upload gbr dalam my blog nih, u guys just tengok gbr and guess wat have i done selama x update blog ni.

So, lets back to my real topic. So, today is 28th of february and tmorow is 1st of march. WHY should i concern bout those dates? WELL, actually 19 years ago, back in 1992, i was born on 29th of february, it was leap year, and i have to wait in every 4 year to celebrate my born day! and this year the date is not existed, next year yes! 
GUESS wat, i'm not even SEDAR it was my born day anniversary! 
on 27th nite, my elder brother wall post me and wishing me a happy birthday, so TOUCH! terkenang balik my siblings and everyone kat rumah! I MISS them, then, the next day my former Thinking Skills lecturer, Mdm Hasnah pulak post a happy birthday wish! woww.... how come they know that i was born in the end of february? hehee
i GUESS this is how machine work, when 29th didnt exist, it will automatically set on 28th, yes, my friend said so, dalam hp dorang my 29th bday akan bunyi alarm tiap2 tahun pun... haha
i GUESS (again) dalam HOMEPAGE facebook dorang mesti kuar bout my birthday kan?
then i was received lots and lots of wishes, which i should not received pun this year.
and i was like cheating the WHOLE world, but i did not, the machine and facebook did. haha
almost half of them mati2 ingat i was born on 28th, some tahu pun i was born leap year, hahaa

till now, i've received like more than 80 wishes on facebook, some on chat, some text me, and some verbally when we met by chance...
so, i GUESS (again) i received bout 100 wishes today WHICH I SHOULD NOT pun ! x masuk kira my best fellow 3 ORANG tuh blom wish i pun! sedihhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

ni sempat i capture from facebook...

till now i still receiving wishes... hahaa but no presents or gifts, just a packet of kacang kecik my dear RUSLAM bagi.... thx!!! its okay, dah biasa x dapat hadiah. kalau korang x wish aku, i will not even SEDAR my birthday, serious! 
wat else huh? so today, kita orng p perarakan maulud nabi and... persons yg i nak wish from X WISH I PUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok, i was like "whattt????" and "huhh???".. LAGIPUN, that so called NOT-SO-OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY!

i nak thanks to this list that wished me verbally:
my room8 ali, hafis, akmal, then rasyid and suresh masok bilik dengan penuh curiga di muka (i thought he'll drag me somewhere ke) and shake my hand, wish me a happy birthday. then, i explain kat dorang, i was actually born on 29th of feb...
then, this mornin jumpa roy mustang and he wish me, jumpa akak flo pun again she wish me, in the class RUSLAM wish me for many times, then met rekha and eva somewhere out the libaray and they wish me, then several friends yg wish x official mean wish sambil lewa je, mcm x ikhlas.... hehee.. then ada yg taw tapi x wish langsung especially my classmates, FRANKLY SPEAKING i just think u guys didnt LIKE ME KOTT!
but would like to puji intan, she text me, she wall post me... and i was like jatuhh hati pulak pada wishing dia, THANKS INTAN! hahaaa :)
and people yg text me, azreen aka MORGIRL GREEN dulu, then intan, then pagi aku bngun lewat gara2 on9 facebook, layan wishes aku bca msj from kak noni, MY MOM (touch) and no one else.... tu jehh, then dapat wish from santa petang tadi, nak blanja makan, tapi malam ni ada event pulak. dah x da kredit nak reply those yg text me, ITU JE I DAPAT. 5 TEXT MESSAGES je nak WISH AKU!!!!!! kecewa, x taw knapa, tapi aku sedih, even malam tadi aku sedih!!!!!!! 
tapi i'm GRATEFUL! i didnt ask for more!!!!!!!
x pa, siapa la diriku ini kan? hahaa
malam tadi x sedar jam 2 baru aku sedar nak offline, then tido bngun 7.40 pagi, kelas kul 8.00 pagi....


just after talkin to my besties SANTA, heee... kan dia nak treat i makan malam, hahaa..
but we've to postponed due to maulud event tunite... hehee :)
so, wat moreeeeee?????
memandangkan birthday ni, i nak post gbr i SUDAH KURUSSSSS!!!! HERE IT IS!

ok lah, penat dah menaip!
should pen off now, batt pun dh LOW!
 i want more happy birthday wishes, keep a long wish for next year okehh! hahaa

T H A T . I S N ' T . T H E . E N D

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