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Friday, January 28, 2011

journal week 3

this was my Language Development journal , so was copy and paste for my new post entry  here ... have no time for blog this few weeks ...

My Yesterdays
Dear Journal,
            I have a hard and tough time thinking of what I am going to write for my journal this week. My lecturer was given us the freedom to choose topic on our own, yet that leads to “no idea” problem. What shall I write about? Or should I change this journal into my diary, so I will have much to say about myself?
            Actually, this few days depression had strike me. I have no idea what, why and how it happened to me. I feel like I’m lose focus and living in my own world most of the time. I am never alone but always feel lonely. Thus, starting on Friday evening, after class, I headed to Mid Valley Mall, five minutes from my campus. I went there by bus, alone. I need space on my own, I need to be alone for some time, I need calmness and I need no one that day. At time I reached the mall, I decided to walk around, went in and out the shops, browsing for nothing in the shops, really have no idea what I am doing in the mall. Then, I feel like I am craving for Mc Chicken burger, so I proceed to Mc Donald and chose seat at the corner of the restaurant. Guess what, I have dropped my drink in front lots of customers and I have only less a quarter of the glass to drink on. I enjoy my meal while my eyes keep on looking at people around the restaurant. I envy some people who having fun that day and why I can’t be happy just as them? Done, I took out my Sparks’ novel that I brought along and continue my reading till Chapter 6. After that, I headed to MPH bookstores to check on latest books. Earlier, I wanted to sit and read but instead of doing that I browse for books from one shelf to another and discovered the whole stores and find some latest novels. I spend myself RM63.00 at MPH. Then, I went to Celcom Kiosk for my broadband payment, and I spend RM70.00. After that, I went in Carrefour Supermarket seeking for foods and other needs as I am living away from my parents, and spend more than RM80.00 in the supermarket. That’s my day of spending cash, and only went back to campus after 10.00 p.m.
            Day 2, Saturday. I wake up at 11.00 am and few hours after that I was somewhere in Masjid India area. I went there with my friends, all girls. The purpose was to seek for street foods and shopping at Mydin. We went back to the campus before its getting rain. Arrived campus at 6 pm, then my friend and I continue play tennis at 6.30 pm and having dinner after that. At 9 pm, we continue play badminton at the gymnasium till mid night. In the room, I found a note on my bed requesting me to wake up early tomorrow because other friends asked me to join them to KLPAC. Having no idea what is KLPAC, I surf for info. Then, I found myself fall asleep till somebody wakes me up at 9 am. My friends were waking me up and they’re ready to go to KLPAC. Rushing, I took light bath and dress myself jeans and t-shirt. We went to KL Central by LRT and took a cab to KLPAC at Sentul West. KLPAC is stand for Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre and that day they were having Open Day which rarely done. We enjoy all free classes on speech and drama, extreme workout for actor, acoustic performances, a sketch and short play, and lots more classes and I enjoy most of it. I really have fun there and hope to be part of KLPAC in the future. I was virgin to performing arts and I fell in love with it. We went back at 7 pm and the time I reached my campus, my friend and I again spend our evening with tennis. This time, we get into the squash court and hit the tennis balls on the wall till dinner. Then, we continue till mid night. Feeling tired and exhausted but I am having so much fun. Sports really help me to release my stress. Now, I feel much better than previous day.
            That is my story of my yesterdays. Feel bored reading it? Well, that is how I spend my weekend in and out the campus. However, I am having indeed a fun time with my friends. At least, I feel much better for my tomorrow. I would like to thanks God for giving me such a wonderful life living with wonderful people yesterday, today and hopefully tomorrow as well. I guess I should pen off now. Thanks for reading my journal.

                                                                                                                                    12:37 am


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