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Thursday, January 6, 2011

first date with celebrity fitness

hello readers ! 
i feel the energy comes and spread through all my body parts... haha
as today i have a date with celebrity fitness punya alatan sukan semua... :)
i went this evening after class with abang harris, actually we went with chacha and ayunita but they went earlier to shop sport shoes ... spend almost half hour choosing kasut kat bata, sebab dorang ckap no standard beli kat bata.... hahaa
then, waitin for them to change shoes, tup2 they go separate ways plak... kol punya kol x angkat, where the hells the girls ni, alamak.... 2 jam kat mid kot baru masok celebrity fitness... haha... but i ngan abng harris register dulu...
then lari2 atas dreadmill whatsoever... then cyling, mcm2 mode la.. but i know i run for miles, cyling for kms, also swimming for hours...
i burn bnyak calories kot hari ni, syukur......
rasa mcm artis gila masok situ, adoii, tapi x jumpa pun artis.... hehe, bnyk yg HOT, SEXY ... cuci mata la nihh... hahaa ;)
x syok nye we miss dance class, maybe free style punya dance or hip hop... hehe.. x pa, tomorrow masih ada kan... hehe
we really like having a vacation there, mandi pun pandang KLCC ... hahaaa

ni gbr2 dalam gym ...

hot x? hehe, gedik la sangat ... haha

then gbr wth the girls lepas nak balik...

i don't have more pictures sbb hp tinggal dlam beg in the locker, so my focus is to lose weight, not to snap pictures... haha
don't worry, some other pictures kat pool are with chacha, maybe i can ask for it from her... hehe
lepas gym, pulun dinner beli mkanan ala2 Japanese food kat Jusco sbb murah kan mlm2 gini, but so not the right time, hehe 
pastu balik...
hehee.... :)
i guess thats all for now..
i'm happy i am indeed having a great life here!


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