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Sunday, April 26, 2015

No Exact Title

Its the month of April, I feel a sudden urge for my blog's update. It has been a long time and I skip a story one after another. I was too busy doing my practicum and spend less time writing, as I did not have enough time to sit and write (however I did have time uploading photos on Instagram). End of this month, I will be leaving school ending my practicum for the third phase, and I hate this part, the part when we hardly say goodbye to the pupils and teachers.

Today I joined the school's sports day and I was satisfyingly happy to see most of my babies from both classes were actively participated in many "acara" and they won most of them. I was so happy to see them running gracefully and happy on the track, they were like the animals out from the zoo. I was never got to see them as happy as they were in the class, they were enjoying themselves so much.

The day before the event, it was raining heavily and storming in KL and affected most of part of Damansara, and my school was affected too. However, to our surprise, when we came to the school this morning, everything was in good condition, even the ruined tents were standing still like nothing had happened the day before. We were in charge of aerobic performance, involving the year 5 pupils and it had left such great impact to the school and its pupil as never in the history the school conducting such aerobic. Then, I did help the teachers preparing for the mascot and volunteered myself to make the shoes of the mascot, Captain America. I slept late the night before finishing the stuff and gone to sleep before 2am in the dawn, leaving it unfinished. When I woke up this morning it was 6am already and I just realised that I have not paint the shoes completely. I jumped from my bed and made my way to the living hall, where were all my project was done. I quickly painted both of the shoes and let it dry then gone for a shower as quick as I could. Then, I had it done at school. Phewww~~~

The performance was great and the pupils were enjoying themselves and had done it so well that I was so happy for them. Though the condition of the field worsen, as it was muddy and wet and we were damped in mud and dirt but we enjoyed it so much. Most of the parents were clicking and snapping and taking videos of their sons and daughters and they were very supportive. The sports day ended nearly at 2.30pm after noon, and if you can imagine the sun killing and burning your skin dry. OMG! But seeing the spirits and determination of the kids, teachers and parents, I almost forgotten the burning. Sports day held once a year, so enjoy the very moment.

(my laptop is running out of battery, so I will update this blog soon as I reach my room and get this charged)

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