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Friday, March 6, 2015

The Super Belated Surprise

The story goes like this, last night we were supposed to have senamrobik practice for the school Road Run today, so dorang plan nk practice at 8.30pm. Before that, after school I was sleeping till 7pm, I woke up after Amirul came back from his groceries & some shopping, he left me a note telling that he had gone with Suresh (no point nak baca nota tu dah sbb I bangun lambat).

I checked my Whatsapp & one of them was from Suhaina, urgently said that the practice must start at 8.30pm as she has something else on to attend after the practice. Amirul pun cakap, lepas practice baru dinner. So I plan lepas practice nak makan chicken chop kat KK12, UM. So, I mandi cepat so I can make it on time. After I took my bath, Amirul pulak xda dalam bilik, so he must be going to the foyer already. So I made my way to the foyer and nobody was there, I called Suresh instead of Amirul, only to know that both of them keluar sbb Amirul nak beli barang lagi. So I went back to my room. Ok, kenapa Amirul nak go for his sudden plan, sedangkan lepas practice pun I plan nak keluar makan so we can go beli barang together kan? I risau sbb Suhaina had something else to attend after thay? So, I texted Amirul "Since you kat luar, grab your quick dinner as I took mine while waiting for you", so I cancel nk dinner kat KK12. If he can go for his sudden plan, I can go for my sudden plan too. Then, Suhaina called (cos I thought she must be waiting at the foyer) & I told them I waited for Suresh to call then I went down.

Then, Suhaina called balik ckp both of them had arrived. I sambil makan my triple bread with nutella sambil baca Reader Digest took my sweet time. Then Amirul texted me. Then, Suresh called me twice. I ckp I naik tangga walhal baru nak turun. So I naik dorang xstart practice then I saw tables and benches, I thought it was laptop and speakers atas meja rupanya its food. They threw a small surprise feast for me, initially nak buat on the 2nd March sbb elaun xmasuk lagi they hold it on. Whoaaa terharunya practicum mate buat surprise macam ni... hehe. Seriously, I never expect this. Thanks so much!!!

Actually nak type lagi tapi malas dah... ok. Thanks for reading...

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