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Monday, January 19, 2015

A Bad Start

Just so you know, this is my very first entrance in the year 2015 and today remarked a bad start of the year!
Since I move in with a new roomate to a bigger room that I ever had few semesters ago, I caught a flu to date. I have no idea why was I caught with such cold even if I swallowed medicine everyday.
First I thought maybe because I did not get used with the climate, what I meant was the room was cold even if I turned the fan speed to number 3. Then, I started to believe that it had something to do with the dust and cleanliness of the room as when I entered this room on the very first day, I only did a light cleaning. Well, I need to clean the room this weekend.

So, due to this unsettled cold, I was too lazy to wake up and went for classes that I end up bed-rest one whole morning, and was skipped few classes. Just so you know, a few friends were asking where had I been gone. For sure, that wasn't a good start to kick off this year's resolution.

What had happened to a good boy, Izzul?

Well, time changes, so do I...


Till then, keep praying...

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