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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why Not; Kitchen & Bar and my "first time"!

Dalam hidup manusia ini, semua akan merasa perkara “pertama kali” dan aku tak terkecuali. Korang kan, jenis manusia yang tulis dreams tak? Paling tidak tulis perkara yang nak capai dalam hidup ni. Kalau aku, semua perkara aku akan tulis. Apa aku nak itu dan ini. Aku punya 100 things to do before I die dan macam-macam aku dah tulis termasuklah naik roller coaster, bungee jumping bagai sebab aku jenis penakut pada ketinggian. Aku nak pergi Maldives Island sebab khabarnya akan pupus tak lama lagi sebab sea water kan dah naik dan banyak lagi lah. Dan aku juga teringin nak masuk club malam atau bar dan rasminya pada tarikh 7 Februari tercapai semuanya...

Let the story begin...
I wasn't so sure with the decision, tapi aku dah promise either Eddy or Jet that one fine that I will be following them to the club, a straight club for sure. So, Eddy was so insisted and why not? So, I was so worried of what attire to be worn, should or shouldn't I wear short etc etc etc and I really sound like a noob. We managed to rent the car at the very last minute and we went out at 10.30 pm. I ignored whoever watching me passing by the cafe and Scud. Along the way, the only thing that was on my mind was how will the night be?! I was super-excited and nervous at the same time. Eddy tried to cool me down and said "chill and you'll have fun". Definitely.

Upon arriving the place, it was so crowded and full of people. Well, its Friday night by the way and Jet said "Welcome to our life". Hahaha. He got to be kidding me. We entered one of the busiest bar "Why Not" as some of our friends were already there, waiting, drinking, dancing and drunk perhaps. I guess it was a culture to welcome their friends with a shake and a hug. I was really a noob and just did it.

It happened that we arrived quite early, the night was still young and the bar wasn't as crowded as yet. There are many of us there, I mean my batch-mates. We were dancing like nobody cares and stop when the bar is about to close.

Actually, I wanted to elaborate more on the night but I've been forgotten some of the best moments and too lazy to recap and too lazy to write. Overall, it was a splendid awesome night and I was able to experience myself a lively KL night!

Until then, bye :)

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