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Monday, February 24, 2014

Merely this week...

Hi. This week is a crucial one. I have three assignments to be submit, one report, a micro-teaching as well as a quiz. Crucial and busy days ahead.
Too, this week is a channel for my money flows like a waterfall.

Today, I have paid the treasurer of my class a total of RM136 for class fund, our trip to Cameron Highland and for baju official KOT. Later, Firdauz announces that we need to pay another RM80 for kursus whatever and I was like... What the heaven?

Let me tell you this, if teacher-training is a burden, imagine how schools are tomorrow once we are posted to the schools. This week, really a crucial week. I might be forgotten to mention that, this week's evening we will be busy with Sukan TARA. We are yet to be a teacher, but... I can imagine being one in future will be more stressful and what-so-ever you name it. However, the question is, is it a burden? Or a responsibility that we have to handle and carry?

Well, I left this question to you. Don't judge.

Merely, this week. A crucial days ahead. 

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