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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Busiest week, like ever!

Well, peace be upon you and so sorry for neglecting this blog for days.
This week is the busiest week in this semester, so far. We have classes from morning to noon and evening Monday was the assembly and latihan rumah sukan at the same time my first day curate for SeratusMulut on Twitter. Then, I went to The Mines for Big Bad Wolf, I couldn't go during last weekend because I was working. Then, today I have appointment or meeting with the trainee-counselor for Art Therapy at 3.30pm, then meeting with En Faisal regarding Sukan TARA and with Sir Azhar for marching for KOT. Tomorrow will be my lunch date with Mubis and friends at Seoul Garden, Paradigm Mall and Friday will be my another cake-date with the girls, Hikhmah and Baiti. Saturday? I already ask for a day leave, as I have Book Launching event at Taman Jaya in the evening and in the morning, my campus is going to hold the second Rhythm of Champion (ROTC). Sunday? It's my working day! Monday the following week, I have to submit my TSL3109 Assignment and the presentation started next week. I have to submit my LGA 2104 too on the 28th and I will have micro-teaching for Mathematics lesson on 27th, Thursday.

Argghhh, yesterday I went to BBW and I was rushing and running out of time. I need to spend at least a day there to select and pick and choose the books. It is a heaven on Earth! Books are all selling  cheap like wildfire, like fireballs!

I bought myself more than 20 books and spent not more than RM120 and imagine, it is super duper cheappp!!! Initially, I counted it was RM164, but upon came to the counter, it is only RM115, they have even discounted it even lower. Actually, I took more books but two three times I had short-listed the books I had picked.

I think, I need to go now. Bye :)

Sorry, I am a busy man this week, maybe the following week too!

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