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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What a relieved? Hell, no!

Peace be upon you, readers.
Lama gila tak update, even there were ample of times for me to update. So many things to tell that I had been forgotten. Last month kan my 22nd birthday. So, small feast little celebration with my Februarian girlfriend and yesss I did received some appreciation of gifts and presents and of course wishes. Not much. Actually, there are much.

So, KOT was done. I was doing my part as the emcee of the day successfully, I can say. This weekend, I will be going to Cameron Highland for our class trip. Can't wait.

Did I ever mentioned that I will be send to Klang for a month's practicum? Did I ever mentioned that? Well, I got the school in Klang and I have no idea how Klang is. I have never been there ever before. So, I have to rent a house there and stay outside the campus for a month. Well, I have to spend big next month.

Birthday done, Practicum done! What else I want to say?

In April, Seratus Mulut plan to organize a promo event and hopefully I will be there to support. Otherwise, I will be working behind the scene.

What else? Many many else...

This week, officially I must declare as my truancy week. I didn't turn up for classes on Monday and Tuesday and Thursday, and we will see if tomorrow is worth ponteng kelas. Yesterday I did turn up. Wednesday jelah.

Then, Pasar Boco is coming on 22nd and 23rd of March. Bookerville by MPH is coming real soon and I got these 3 Privelege Passes. Big Bad Box is coming to MIECC Mines so soon too. Fixed price for as many books as you can compress in the box. Haha

What else???
Now is the month of March and time flies so quick this semester as I had been busy all time.


I am yet to karang puisi for publishing, waittt.

Ok, until then, bye :)

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