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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kesinambungan for my last entry...

Here, I begin...

Okay. I've forgotten at where I stop. You must be expecting I arrived Miri at this moment and yes, you are right. Well, I thought this transit takes me like 55 minutes initially, but upon arriving Miri, I came to know that the time has been re-timed or re-scheduled. I thought maybe due to bad weather or what-so-ever. Hell, no. It is fine here, no rains, no cloudy but just fine. No airplane? Where did they keeping it hidden? Okay. For how long should I be waiting here? An hour or two? BIG FAT NO! I will be waiting for my next flight to Mukah for 5 hours. Can you imagine that? With no Wifi, ok I bluff. There are Wifi Connections like Starbucks, TM Wifi or even Celcom but I have tried connected to every of the connections, yes there are connected. Especially, Starbucks. However, whenever I open the browser, it couldn't open the site I want to open. It simply says “Your laptop isn't connected to internet” like, who is bluffing now??? Then, TM Wifi needs an TM ID and same goes to Celcom the greedy company. 5 HOURS WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION AND ABANDON IN THIS DESERTED-SMALL-NOTHING-YOU NAME IT AIRPORT FOR FIVE HOURS??? I can be crazy soon. I switch on and shut down my Macbook and finally I decided to write it first in the text document. Before I forget all the stories, so it would be better for me to write it first and publish it the moment I arrive home. Talking about home, neither my parents nor my family know that I will be going back today. Since Mukah airport is just a few minutes from my home, and definitely my family isn't going anywhere today, so I decide to give them a little surprise. The moment I arrive the Mukah Airport, I will call them to pick me up. I know this sounds so crazy. Crazy? So, what the hell I will be doing after this? Wandering aimlessly? There's nothing I can do here because there's nothing here, well of course they have Starbucks, bookshop with out-dated books, and shops.
Okay, let me start at where I stop just now before I boarded the airplane.
Well, where did I stop?
Now, I remember. It was raining cats and dogs. So, I was worried that I might be late to the airport. So, I waited until 7 am at least, hoping that the rains will stop. No. The answer is, the rain will never stop. So, I looked up for umbrella everywhere in the house because I know that everyone of us had kept it while packing stuff the other day. Luckily, I found one. Even worse was the lift was not functioning. So, I had to climb down the stairs and bring down all the bags and luggage one by one. While waiting previously, I charged my phone and I left it on the table. So, I walked under the rain, pulling the luggage and carry on my back my bag and the other bag on the luggage. So, I went through the most-flooded ground in my college but for the very first time I didn't give it a damn. I walked through the water, seriously. Then, I gave my “book” to the guards and walked out the college to the bus stop to grab a ride to KL Central. So, I was there at the bus stop and searching for my phone. Well, its still raining at that very moment. I had forgotten by phone, that's impossible! Totally impossible!!! Thus, I must go back to the hostel to take it. Like seriously, from my hostel to the bus stop is like more than 200 metres and I HAVE TO WALK BACK UNDER THE RAIN THROUGH THE WATERPOUR AND CARRY ALL THE BAGS WITH ME AGAIN BECAUSE I WAS ALL ALONE THERE WAS NOBODY TO LOOK AFTER AT MY STUFF!!!
So, I decided to leave my lugagge at the bus stop and hid my another bag somewhere in the bushes and brought with me my backpack with important stuff inside. I stopped at the guarhouse to actually tell them that I need to get back to my hostel to take my phone and left the bag that I brought with me, there at the guard house. There you go, I ran back to the hostel and my shirt was wet of sweat and my hair messy that I don't give a serious damn because all that I could think is my phone. Along the way, I regret being myself, being totally an absent-minded person, disorganize, forgetful and you name it. Along the way, too, I “zikrullah” at every steps taken and regretted everything my whole life has given me. I ran up the stairs to my hostel and took the phone and ran down again to the guard house, still under the rain, to the bushes and to the bus stop and it was nearly 7 am in the morning. I waited for the taxi, there are taxi but at the moment, taxi won't stop for you and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY? I PAY FOR YOUR SERVICE, OKAYYY! Then, I waited for the bus, I saw RapidKL heading to Pasar Seni so I aboard the bus to Bangsar. The bus actually pass by KL Central, but I need to walk a little bit further to reach “real” KL Central. So, I stop at Bangsar LRT Station. Before I move on, I would like to tell you guys that I have really-really bad inertia. When I stopped at Bangsar, the driver asked me to get out from the bus from the backdoor so I have to pull my bags and luggage, at the same time I fight my inertia. Hell. Then, after fighting with inertia, now I fight the height. To reach the LRT Station, I have to climb up the stairs, like double! Oh My LIFE! I wonder how life can be so hard sometimes.
After that, I went to KL Central then bought my train ticket to KLIA then I baggage drop at the counter and there you go, I was in the train to KLIA and updated my blog...
That is the story. If you couldn't feel as bad as I felt, maybe because I have no skills to write it closely to your heart and feeling. Nevertheless, if you were in my situation this morning, you might be thinking of giving up or at least shed your tears. This isn't my first time, this is the second time I encountered difficulties as such.
That is all for now.
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Anonymous said...

wow. what a life! how can such things happened all in a single day. yeah, i guess i will shed a tear. hope it won't happen to me, unless i'm ready for it. anything happened is accordance to HIS wills.

P.S. anyway, it is a good entry. i can feel it, even i'm not there.

IZZUL FAIZ A.M said...

GPT, thanks so much for sparing your time reading it. Good that you can feel the way I felt. I felt terrible masa tu. Hahaha. Thanks lagi! Teruja sebab mana ada readers lain yang visit blog ni selalu, bila ada readers macam happy pulak. Hehehe