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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cerita kali ini...

Apa pula cerita kali ini. Last year, which two semesters ago, I had this trouble too but less worse. I think, this year's story really taught me the real meaning of patience. Let I begin...
Well, allow me to use bilingual. I'm at the Boarding Room A10 KLIA which the furrrthesssttt gate. Luckily, wireless connection are everywhere.
So, while waiting, I guess its better for me to write the journey taken just now.
I taught of departing from college last night, but I knew that I wasted much of the time waiting at the airport. My flight is the first flight to Miri, at 9 something am. So, if I were to depart from my college at 6am (because train is available at this hour) and took the KLIA Transit to the KLIA, I still have much of the time. So, I decided to proceed Plan B. Nak dijadikan cerita, this morning while I was preparing myself after bathing, it was raining (not drizzling) cats and dogs. I was worried that it will stop me from going to the airport... Sorry, announcement now! Boarding time! Hold on, wait for me arriving Miri!!!


Anonymous said...

ini memang suspens. sambungkan cerita nya ya.

IZZUL FAIZ A.M said...

Thanks GPT for the response. Sorry for the late reply and I have just updated a new entry, the continuation of this entry. Bacalah, its quite long. I type kat words dulu time I tunggu next flight, baru post sebab time tu no internet.