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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Among the good books...

Maybe because Blogspot is linked to Google+ that I am actually have another frequent visitor that read my entries. Yes, I do. I guess. In the end, who cares?

Okay, so here I am in the library. We promised to revise Grammar and yes, all of them did, or do. Meanwhile, I am stuck with pile of books. Pile? Who cares, really cares if I use wrong collective nouns.

I have The Fault in our Star, yet to be finish and I stop at Chapter 9, just before Chapter 10 which Hazel and Gus is about to leave for Amsterdam. Then, I have another book in another hand. I have KL Noir White. Well, I read Breadwinner, Playtime, of course Savages and a few stories not to be mentioned here. Also, I had been advertise KL Noir Blue calling for entries to all of my friends whom I known to have a good writing and interested. Then, at somewhere in the reading, while I was reading The Fault in our Star, I stopped actually after I saw Anne Frank's name. I have no idea but this one fine day, I saw my classmates reading this one book with Anne Frank title of what-so-ever. So, I Whatsapp-ing her and ask for the book. She found one in the library, edited version and she has another one which she borrowed from her cousin. So, I went down for a PC to look for the book online, well it is so much easier. I found two of them hidden somewhere in the shelf. 

So, I head to my target for the books. I found it and start reading it. I mean, the synopsis and few words before the book start. While I was actually hunting at the shelf, I found another good books namely Now in November by Josephine Johnson and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing by most-famous black activist Maya Angelou. I had heard about her before, and studied the poem by her during foundation. Well, what I did was reading the synopsis and etc. Now I have a few good books and they are among the good read and literature of all time. I need to find myself time to read it. 

I think, that is all for now.

Reading is an escapism. Escape from reality, real world and real people. 

Bye and happy reading.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that yesterday, I sent 2 girls to Buku Jalanan Titi and it was raining cats and dogs.

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