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Monday, June 24, 2013

Another semester, another attempt for another resolutions...

Peace be upon you, readers.
It has been a week for this semester. Today we have no class as the haze condition worsen. No wonder it is a bit warmer these few days.
A new semester, so there is new resolution everybody? Just live the life and go with the flow.
This semester is expected to be busy and packed with lots of outdoor activities. Thus, I should have always be prepared! Especially this coming August, we will off for 3 weeks for holidays and our last School-Based Experience (SBE). And a week after that there will be a 3 days 3 nights camping for my guide and a week after another camp.
Lot of future I talk about here.
Last holiday, I went back early as I have to attend Extravaganza Herbalife International Training at Bangkok and we stayed over 6 days... The first two days we went to Gems Gallery as well as Floating Market, however we rushed for time and training that we went a few places for a short period of time. Less shopping and more training I supposed! The training was awesome although I did not buy the ticket in. Never mind. Maybe not this Extravaganza! Surprisingly, Malaysian is the largest distributors attended the training event. Proud of my country despite being only 6 years in this business.
I have a few pictures that I would like to share...

I only upload a few here and if you would like to see more pictures of my training and vacation, please do so at my Facebook account. You can see more photos of tagged photos as I only upload a few. Pity me, right? Most of the photos are self shot and I feel like an idiot self shot my photo standing next to Michael O'Johnson and Dr Louis Ignarro.

That's about my training. How bout my a week life this new semester?
KL is having worst haze now and it is declared that today is a holiday!
Well, writing more bout it later okay. Gotta go! Bye!


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