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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It has come to an end...

Peace be upon you, readers! This semester is almost come to an ending... A few days left and that's it, I accomplish my Semester 3 Year 2 Degree. Time flies very fast this semester and gone in a blink of an eye... There are so much of things to be told and write here, but never mind. I will enjoy plenty of times this coming holidays writing my blog and doing my business.
So, whaddap? My exam was over and I am happy because I was doing pretty well in the exam. This semester I have enough preparation and I came into the exam hall with plentiful of knowledge in the brain. I just have enough but I am happy. For 2 weeks, I care less on the business but I give fullest attention to the exam and revision. This semester, I has started my group study a two weeks earlier as we have 3 papers in row. Thus, to avoid last minutes preparation and reading, we start earlier than the others. Too bad, this semester is a not so good semester as I am doing pretty bad in my assignments, almost all assignments and I submitted it all last minutes. Well, just so you know I have this issues with my one room mate! Never mind, I did received few feedback regarding my assignments and it shocked me to death that the result were overwhelm. The results do not showed the last minutes piece of work. I earned quite good marks especially for my Songs & Poetry and Classroom Management subject. I even spent no time revise on my Teaching Reading & Vocabulary subject, but I earned good mark as well. If and only if I studied well before the quiz, I might get better mark. Well, these are the lesson learnt I get and not to repeat doing it next semester.
That about exam, and how about my business. Well, this is the time to finish all my 9 Start Now Pack which kept for 3 months in my room. Nine seems few to us, but I hardly find any customer who wants it! Maybe I am not trying the hardest.
I am telling you what, these 3 weeks, I am managed to run around Bukit Cinta at Universiti Malaya non stop. Amazing? Also, I can now declared and claimed that I have lost a total of 10kg of my body weight. Thanks to Herbalife and myself for continuos exercises. It is hard to lose that number, but worth it. However, I am still need to lose more to achieve my ideal. So, guys? Rapid lose? Must be Atkins diet, regular exercises, jog and walk more frequently, and eat a balanced meal at proper time. Overall, the secret is DISCIPLINE!
A few more days left and I will fly back to my hometown. Its a 3 weeks holidays supposedly but I will only spend 2 weeks and another week at Bangkok to attend the Extravaganza, Herbalife!!! I am still fight to pay for the trip.
I plan a lot for this holidays. Never mind, I will tell you guys later what I have plan... Bye!


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