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Sunday, May 5, 2013

What or who ruling?

Peace be upon you, readers.
I am not on my PC now, but instead I am using my Library Desktop to update this.
Yesterday was the 13th Election Voting day for my country and everybody on Facebook or any media social network, you name it is talking about politics and its wave. Well, there must be issues pertaining to election or voting. I have right to comments but who am I to critics on those issues. I am not well knowledgeable to talk on this. However, as an educated person, I am still follow the flow of politics in Malaysia and I know what and who is best to rule this country.

Enough said, I have something to share form this one book "Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey... It has 366 daily reflections, a year reflections instead. Today, 6th May...

"WHEN WE TAKE time to draw on the leadership center of our lives, what life is ultimately all about, it spreads like an umbrella over everything else. It renews us, it refreshes us, particularly if we recommit to it"

So, what can you deduce from above? Coincidentally, its talking about leadership as well. Every human in this world must have leadership , either to himself or to others. Leadership is a key to success. Leadership is not harmful, yet beautiful.
Actually, I wanna talk more about leadership and so forth. Nevertheless, I am not feeling comfortable by the Desktop that I currently using now because it at the way where people pass by and they must be watching me updating and writing this. Ok, bye!


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