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Monday, April 15, 2013

The more writing I will do

Who says I don't like writing. I like to write and I have a lots upcoming written assignments to be submit this week. Even, I have an over-dues written reflection which I suppose to hand in last Saturday. To date, I am unable to complete it! It stressed me out!
Let me tell you;
1. I have a 6 minutes speech to be done! This is for my prepared-speech for Speech Competition which took place next week. That so soon, people!
2. I have a 1000 words reflection on my simulated-teaching last week.
3. I have a 5 pages reflection on my Bina Insan Guru program last 2 weeks.
4. I have to write a critics and analysis essay on sample lesson plan given and a 500 words reflection on overall completion.
5. I have to improvise a lesson plan for listening class which my friends and I will conduct next week.

See, I have a lots of writing-based assignments to do and I love to write. However, with this so limited times, I just can't do all.

Well then, if I can spend minutes writing this silly-unnecessary post, why can't I complete my writing assignments? Right? Ok then, time to say my goodbye.


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