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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Genting Highland and my fear

I always complained on Elfira Loy and her annoying scream in Fear Factor. But the main reason why she wanted to join maybe because she wanted to overcome her fears. Well, forget about her and let us talk about me.
My story goes like this. Yesterday, we were having a class trip to Outdoor World Theme Park at Genting Highland with my classmates and my mentors too. This was suppose to be a mentor-mentee session and we did it outdoor this time round.
Let cut it short, I was overly way too excited on what is going to happen at Genting and I am planning to play the Spiderman, Spaceshot, or whatever that is thrilling. To my upset, I only played a few. I just knew to the limit that I have this fear of height. It goes like this, either I have no guts to try and play or I really really really can't play. I envied my friends as they played Spaceshot thrice and I was there watching like idiot, standing like a 9 year old kid who wanted to play but not eligible enough and captured their photos. It wasn't their fault fully. I just have no guts to try it. Stress!
I walk over and went to Dinasourland instead. Like seriously? Even when I was there at Dinasourland, I was being extra careful on what upcoming-unexpected things to happen. I feel like a paranoid and a noob. I have no idea what changed me yesterday.
Yesterday was fun actually, but due to time limit and curfew, we have to leave early. Imagine, we were there at 4 o'clock nearly 5, and leave at 8 o'clock? Too soon. What we can do, the queues at the cable car are very long and we have to wait nearly an hour just to get on the gondolas. Scary I tell you but it was indeed fun!
Never mind, I am yet to claim my photos from my friends. So, soon I will upload it here for you guys to browse. Until then, bye!


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