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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

These few days...

Sigh. It has been hectic these few days.
I have been looking for time to spend here. There are lots of stuff to talk about and here it goes...
I attended Zero2Hero at Glory Beach Resort last Saturday for 2 days and one night. This was my very first Zero2Hero and the close-up in detailed training was far too awesome than STS that we attend every Sunday every week. International President Team, Eric Depp came with his wife Nurul, shared many useful tools in business. I saw Raja Farah too! She is now Herbalifer! Ko ada?
The stay was awesome and the pay worth the comfort we got.
Then, I have to rush back to KL soon before the event ended in Sunday for Pidato Integriti. So, we arrived KL about 6pm and it was raining cat and dog.
We have to rush to IIM as soon after I reached my campus and room. I unpacked and packed. Sigh.
Tiring, indeed.
I am leaving for another 2 days at IIM and my diet is ruined. I cannot say a word to free lunch and dinner except to let it in and digest!
Later that Monday, I have saringan and I am manage to get through it for Semi-final. I abandoned and unable to get into Final. Despite the not-well-prepared, I am really hoping that I can perform at final and win the cash.
Assignment? I left my assignment back in the room and I emailed whatever I can finish to my friend and let them print and submit on my behalf.
I am telling you, my diet ruined and my cheat days increase. It has been 5 days I skip my exercise.
Until then, bye. I am sleepy! Tata!


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