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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Seeking for peacefulness...

Peace be upon you, dearest readers.

You must be wondering why lately I was so engaging to my blog. I never be so engage to my blog unless I have something important to share or I have stress and pain to release in my writing.

Actually, lately I feel down and miserable. My life has turn upside down and I have no one to talk to. Are you insane? There are like hundreds people in my college and there a millions of people out there. Yes, there are many people out there that I can share my problems and who know they can help me manage it as well? Well, I thought of that before and why didn't I turn up to other people and talk to them. This is because I have no one that I can trust to. There are lots of good listeners among my friends, but I would prefer telling and writing of what I felt in my blog. I love this way and I have been doing it ever since. Yes, no one will ever listen, or even care or even bother. They merely read it, if they do I must be happy. But, I bet most of people have no gut to visit my blog and that is why I can write anything I want. If one day they will read it, maybe I was a different person already.

In college life, there are always issues with friends, lecturers and above all issue with ourselves. I have issue with myself and that is why I seek for peace and what are life for. Why am I here? Why am I suppose to do in life. Everyone have their own religion and believe in one, and so do I. I believe to my Almighty God, Allah and whenever I have problems or predicaments, the only person that I can trust to is Allah. He listens to all of our problems and He is the one that we should seek help to. I am not pious enough to say this, but one friend of mine yesterday told me the important and miracle of praying to God. Though she is from another religion, but she told me that believing in God and pray to God is important and a bless. She added, in prayer there are 3 things that we should know. Its a YES, a NO, or WAIT! If it is a YES, then God will grant you immediately. However, if it is a NO, does not mean that you won't get it. Its either, God grant you with something that you deserve, NOT what you wanted. He knows better what best for you. Or its a WAIT... Then you have to wait, until when? Until He thinks you need it at the right time. Well, I believe in this!

My "that" friend also mentioned to me that be good at all time. Do good to others no matter what takes you. Do good to anyone at anytime, anywhere. God will reward you with something good as well, if it is now now, later. But, do good not to get back, but do it sincerely because you love doing good to others. Somehow or rather, you will be blessed!

I am no good to tell you guys this. But, I am happy that I have this awareness and always make room for improvement for myself. Its very rare to see people who start anew. Starting over in life need courage and only few people can take it. Not many people dare to take a step further to change but we can start changing now for a brand new ending. Believe it or not, you can predict how is your future is going to be? If you do good now, you will have a great future. If you do bad now, you will have a bad future too. And that is why, I start to seek for peace and ask for blessing from Him.

I think, my post ends here. There will be more coming up soon. Soon like, 30 minutes later?! Wakaka...

Until then, Salam :D


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