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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Too many to tell!

Hello, I should apologize for being ignorant to my blog for quite sometime. After all, I should not blaming myself of neglecting this blog. There are many things that I should do and I have to do. It is only tonight I am able to write something for this blog. There are too many to tell, some more I am enjoying my long semester break... Too bad, my parents are also away for many days this holidays. Yesterday, they just came back from Kuala Lumpur for five days vacation and today they headed to Miri for few days to attend my cousin's wedding. So, we are left at home again. I heard that my lil brother is going to Serian tomorrow morning. Ouh, gosh! Then, left me and my younger sister. Too bad that she has exam next Monday so she could not join my parents to Miri, if she does, then I will be all alone tomorrow. I guess I like it, but leaving me with such less food stocks and no car, I will be bored stiff. Why not? All I can do is watching tv and eat and sleep. Thats all, I guess. Meeting friends? It is impossible. Most of them are away for year end vacation, and some are busy. This year end holiday is the longest ever but the bored ever too. No friends, family are away. There are too many to tell. But I guess I tired of typing. Bye...


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