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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Too tired of being tired!

Peace be upon you, readers.
It has been ages I did not write any new posts. I have been busy with load of works. If I am gonna tell you what works they are, I would be writing 10 pages now. Well, busy that myself have given a limit definition. Some will define busy as this and that and some will define it differently. Till now, I am too tired of being whole life tiring. I am tired of being others' expectation. I am tired when everybody is putting their greatest and highest expectation on me. I am tired when my life was and is governed by somebody else. It is exhausting me when I have to live surrounded by people who sickened me. But, I just cannot put any excuse to any of it. I should live this life. I should go through the part and parcel. I should be courage enough to encounter it. I should not complain. I should not sighing. Everybody else might faced it too. Nobody lives perfectly to whatever they wanted. So, why should I complain?


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