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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Series of events 2013; Summary

Peace be upon you, reader.

First and foremost, welcome to Year 2013. I think this is my very first post this year and now we have stepped into month of March. How time flies so fast without we realize spending it. I have been promising myself to write something on my blog and keep myself updated. But its just the matter of time, I rarely found free time for this.
And this time, I come out with some stories to share. Its 2013, its a new attempt to change ourselves. As for me, this year I want to lose some weights and fats. Back in January, I was invited to an event that will change my life 360 degree and it did. Have you guys ever heard of Herbalife before? Well, deaf your ears if you heard only negative things and lend me your ears as I am writing positive things on Herbalife. I guess, maybe later... So far, I am Herbalife consumer and products lover as well as Independent Distributor so anyone who wanted the products can always order through me. The best among all is, I am also regarded as Personal Wellness Coach. That is why it is very important for me to attend classes or training to earn some knowledge on nutrition and etc...
The next thing is, I am 21 years this February. Officially, the date did not exist as it falls every 4 years. Special? I am special by my own! So, I do not really expect the surprises or to receive pieces of cards, but surprisingly I did have this year. I am blesses and touched because there are people who loves me and appreciate my existence in this small world. I am blessed. I am touched! I am grateful and I am happy to have such a wonderful and awesome people around me, I am telling you I am blessed!
More and more stories... This week is so critical, I had just finished with my Rhythm of the Champion as emcee the other day and I thought I am done but I am not. There are more for me to handle. I have to chase after the due of assignments. Lots of assignments! More and more to do and I must do it! This upcoming event will be Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan (KOT) and this year I do not participate much. This year, I am supposedly join the marching parade for BSMM but because I am late to class the other day, I was eliminated and like I care?! At last, they called me but to their disappointment, my phone was on silent! Wakaka!

Sigh. Tired of typing. This is how I always wanted to end up my entry. Until then, bye.

Stay happy, stay smile!!!


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