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Friday, May 25, 2012

Confession from a friend to a friend

Peace be upon you, readers.
Would you like to guess what will I writing about? Confession from a friend to a friend, sound catchy and intend people to read it up. Actually, I would like to confess a few things regarding my friend or my ex-room mate. Remember, my few last posts, I have written something on him. Expressing my dislike and so forth. So, in this post, reveals everything.
It is not that I hate  him so much. Just a several things regarding his attitudes and behaviors that sometimes I could not bear with. He is a good friend, concern about his friends. However, he is too concern about other people that I assume to be busybody. I have my own life to live in, I have privacy that you shouldn't break in and so so. One thing that he lack of is understanding. He really need to learn to understand other people.
That is why, every time I get so mad to you, I keep on avoiding you. Avoiding you so that I will not displace my anger towards you, that will be a serious problem. Why so? Because, it make us dispute or fight. Or even worse, make us not-to-talk for a long time.
I always pray to God, that keep me separate with you. Because I realize sometimes it was me who did wrong or it was me who could not accept you as you are. I want to make myself stop hurting you from the way I treat you and so on, that is why I keep avoiding you or even pray to God to split us up. I am not a good friend, nor a good room mate along since we were together this semester.
Oh my language, scattered!!!
Enough said, bye, sad sad sad...

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