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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Welcome, May!

Peace be upon you, dear readers.
What on Earth I am updating my blog this month. My first ever post for this month. Sigh... I was too busy with my campus activities, this and that, exams, sports and games, English Week and many more... Know what, last Tuesday (1st May, Labour Day), my friends and I went to Lata Hammer at Bentong. It was fun... That was actually my first time ever to lata or we called it water fall or air terjun, because there no such thing in my place in Sarawak. I am yet to upload the pictures for all of you to browse. It was totally fun, no lie!
Another thing that I would like to share is, during English Week, I joined this newscasting competition, well I am a news reader dream-to-be. It was first time ever been held during English Week, thus many students were joining. Guess what, I am chosen to be among the top 4 finalist, and we newscasted for the final during the closing ceremony of English Week last Friday, 27 April (Fierah's burpday!!!). Guess what (again?!), I won the competition! hehe... :))) Proud of myself... thanks for all of my friends support!
Another thing was KOT... stands for Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan, I joined marching team once again. Though it was last minute preparation and due to time constraint, but the result paid. We won the march competition despite a few mistakes we did on that day, however we manage to cover it. Also, that day I lead the aerobic  session and everyone seemed happy and really enjoyed the session. Phewww, lot and lots of things, right?! :)))
Hahaaa... I guess its enough for  now. I think I have written a lot here.
Remind you guys and myself, that next week is my last week of revision, as the following week is EXAM WEEK! Die hard to do my revision. Wish me luck!!!!

Byeee... Assalammualaikum! :)))


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