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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sayonara, college. Konichiwa, home.

Peace be upon you, my dear readers.
This might be the last post in May. What a quick May this year. This week is my final week in my college for this semester. My final week in May too. May flies so quick this year. Busy? Not really. Just preparing myself for the exam. Now left one more killing Literature in English paper. Will do better, insha Allah. I had undergone three papers; Philosophy and Education in M'sia, Child Development and Introduction to Linguistic. Among three, I do quite well in my Child Development's paper. Well, I hope I'll get the payback. Linguistic however I have tried so hard and do quite well too. I was almost cried that I couldn't do the Phonology thingy. I am bad in recognizing sounds and so on. After all, I manage to do it time to time. Guess what, next semester I will be doing Phonetics and Phonology, a deeper study on Phonology thingy. Can't wait to really go for it. Am I really sure?
Well, tomorrow will be my last paper; Literature. All I need to do is to finish reading novel The Village by the Sea by Anita Desai, and that's it, I will be able to answer the questions tomorrow. Then, read and focus on one play that I think I would like to choose; The Scorpion Orchid. Though its tougher than the other play, at least for this play I have more to say in my answer tomorrow.
Pray hard for me, I am die hard to study now. haha
Well, this Friday I will be back my uncle's house and will stay there for a week before I really fly to Sarawak on 1st June. So, I am cutting down my three weeks of holidays to two weeks only. Two weeks being home wasn't enough. What else can I do?

Until then, thanks for reading. Do drop for next posts. Thanks and bye. :)


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