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Friday, January 13, 2012

Feeling better...

Hi, it was 1.26 in the morning, the moment this entry was posted.
Few days back, I caught a cold. I had been doing things to prevent its worsen, so sad it wasn't working. Today, I feel much better. Thanks to those who are still giving the care, attention and love towards me.
Thanks for the pills, medicine, cool fever, strepsils and so forth. I really much appreciate what you guys had been doing for me.
I have not make any phone call to my mom and not had any conversation with her in the line for quite sometimes. I started to miss home, family and friends. Can't wait to see them this coming March. I will be back home for SBE... Happy happy!
Today too, is my best friend, Kueh Chai Wei birthday anniversary. Happy 21st Birthday, she is a year older than us.
Though I am not writing much, but I would like to end this post.
I have more to say maybe in the latter post. Wait and read! kih3

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