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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yes, I scared of my own birthday. Let you know, I was born on February 29th and I am only celebrate my birthday once in 4 year. Isn't it sad?

You guys know why am I scared of my own birthday?
Because I rarely celebrated it. But, every year people will wish me on either 28th Feb or on 1st  March. Amazing isn't it? Not really! It was not my real birthday but I do thanks those who wished me. Sometimes, this is what they always said:

"Woww, you are born on rare date"
"You are special..."
"You are still young laaa!"
"How old are you..."
"Hahaha... it's not your birthday but I just want to wish you.."
"Owww, so sad and so kesian...."

Above are example of common wishes I received each year. I remember when I was 16, that was my last birthday party. It was well planned and I am not surprised at all. That time, I celebrate it with my friend, Kang Liew Chin which her birthday lied on 29th Feb too. I did not feel I am special that day but thanks a lot to my classmates who had plan all this. 

Therefore, this is what I am scared of. How would it be next year? Would it be as surpriseas Baiti's birthday yesterday night? I am always wondering about it.

I would rather not celebrated my birthday than I have no party on my birthday. No party would even make me more sad. No celebration at all even better! Well, I am used to it.

I am not expecting much from my family and friends, but please make a moment in my life that I would never get rid of my mind and keep it everlasting printed in my mind. 

Well, my friends who are reading this post, please do something!

Okay, enough said, BYE!

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