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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nur Baiti Borhan!

It's a warm Sunday morn the time I was writing this post. Yesterday, 24th Okt was gone, just in the blink of an eye. Quick, the day goes so quick! Yesterday was someone's birthday, my best friend, Baiti.
3 days before her birthday, I was impatiently waited to wish her a happy birthday. But, when the day came, I was forgot. Frankly, I was forgot and was remind by her. We went out for lunch at 2pm yesterday and I never plan to went out. I just don't know why, finally I was out with Baiti, Mima and Abg Aiman to KLCC. The day before, Baiti was asking to bring me to i-City but I provoked her, then that evening she went out with Yazid but  Yazid left her at Mid Valley as he has something to run. Baiti told me that she was alone at Mid Valley and she ended up watching movies, Bride Maids and sight seeing there. Luckily, she was not alone back to hostel as she found Nisa, Sya and the rest to go back with.

And, as for yesterday after lunch, Mima plan to bring me to pharmacy at KL Central and Baiti will out with Abg Aiman. After a hard thinking, we both join Baiti and went out together at last. Baiti plan to go to KLCC (park) and museum. As we arrived KLCC, we went in and out the shops there, went to Kinokuniya, and we were watching Johnny English. It was really out from the first plan. Abg Aiman was fasting that day, that is why we cancel the makan2 kek session at the park. After movie, we bought the cake, Costa Rica chocolate from Cake Sense and after that went to the park for camwhore. After that, we went to Cold Storage and Mima and I bought her birthday present.

Along the way after watching the movie, Mima and I contacted our friends at campus on the plan to prank and surprise Baiti. Yes, it's work. The moment we arrived the gate, there was nothing happen and after the second gate, there it was, tepung2 session and Baiti was so so surprised! Even myself and Mima could never thought of the surprise. It was really surprising surprise and indeed work!

Then, we have the party at Block 4. Unfortunately, not everybody in my class especially guys join us because some were busy with Marhabban next Monday. Whatever it is, Baiti was still happy!

Happy Birthday Baiti! Before I forgot, Hikhmah was the one who behind all this. She planned it 3 days before and acted like she don't care about Baiti. That day too, Adriana pretended that she caught a cold. HAHA....

It was indeed one of the best birthday surprise among my classmates.


I am scared what would it be next year during my birthday.

Enough said, I will continue in the next post! Byeeeee

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