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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Selamat Berpuasa

Hi, readers! Today is the end of July, also the end of luncheon for 30 days ahead. Tomorrow, all Muslim will start fasting! Happy fasting to all!
So, let's go Terawih tonight and niat puasa for 1 month straight... haha

I will Ayam Goreng kantin for 30 days! haha.... breast breast thigh thigh drumstick and wing!

Of course, I miss the togetherness!
It's okay. I still have friends here to break fast together here! However, the situation definitely not the same as with our family. Well, they are my family here, friends!

I can't wait to go back hometown! 26th August!!!

Today, I really really experienced the life of a college student. We eat Maggi Curry plus plain rice, yum yum... Now I really really feel like I am a college student, we cook the nasi and the maggi curry and we share eating the dishes. Yum yum !!! FULL I tell you!

Maggi Curry x 2

Here it is! 

Plus nasi putih !!!

Until then, bye!

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