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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hi, Happy Sunday everyone! You guys must have plan bundle of things to do today? I bet it will be fun for you guys. Well, as for me, nothing much I plan to do as today is the end of July, just few cents left in my pocket, and tomorrow Muslim will start fasting. I just stay at home, spending time with my friends and read a book, titled "FISH" from New York Times Bestseller. It is a remarkable way to boost morable and improve result, this book is a parable. But, I can't focus while reading this because two of my roomates play their musics respectively that ended distracted me. Moreover, they played mostly my favourite songs, u la la! From the book, this is something that caught my attention:

"Learning to love what we do, even if at the moment we may not be doing exactly what we love"

I found this as significant line in the book because it relates me a lot. Sometimes, in our life we hate of what we did in everyday life. But, somehow we will never away from doing that because it is part of our life. Thus, we need and should learn to love what we do, time passes, we will used to it and definitely love of what we were doing. Hopefully!

"When we choose to love the work we do, we can catch our limit of happiness, meaning, and fulfillment every day"

Well, I choose to be a teacher, meaning I choose the job that I love to do. Thus, I should stop complaining and start doing what should I do as a teacher to be. Put in efforts, enthusiasm, interest and passion, hopefully I will achieve what I aim!

Remember, it is better to aim for the sky because if you fall, you still can reach the cloud!


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