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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trip to Kota Kinabalu

Morning, everyone... It had been a very long time since my last post. So, this morning I would like to tell and share with you guys on my holidays especially on my trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Actually, it wasn't in our first plan, as my mom just told me that after they picked me at Bintulu Airport on 28th, we'll only depart to Miri on the next day. So, while packing my stuffs on Friday, a day before my flight, I was thinking and kept on thinking whether should I or shouldn't I bring my documents and important stuffs like birth certificate, passport and bank book... I thought it wasn't important as I am having my holidays for only 3 weeks and will burden my luggage and so so, I left it at my campus. On my way to the airport on the next day, my mom tell me that we're going straight to Miri after pick me up and will go Kota Kinabalu too. So, I need my passpost!?? What the hell, and I heard from my mom that to make passport now is quite cheap, I mean when compared to her time (just few years back). So, I don't worry. Once I arrived Miri, my aunty said that I can't make a new one because I still have one active passport. HOW? I was thinking of not going but I was in Miri at that time, and the rest of my family will go, so how about me? Then, my uncle suggested all of us need to make an immergency passport that cost RM200 for at least 5 person, meaning just enough for my parents, my 2 lil sisters and me. The next day, we on our way to make our passport. Oh my GUESS, LOUIS VUITTON, PRADA, SODA, VOIR, ELLE, NOSE, SEMBONIA, BONIA.... The Q was long long long long and crowded, well it's holiday, what do I expected? We're also told that we're only get the passport on Friday, how come, we're planning to go back on Friday from KK not go KK on Friday. My mom asked my aunty to ask for orang dalam to help. Yes. a very very far relative works there and she help us. But not making an immergency passport, my papa and me (because we don't have passport wth us) need to make a new one, an international passport because it can be done within an hour, RM100 per passport! She traced my old passport and I can't used it anymore because I already have a new one!!! Moreover, my old one will expired this coming November 2011. In an hour, DONE! We use short cut, sorry to others! hehe :)

In the afternoon we depart from Miri to Kuala Belait, Brunei then along the high way to Bandar Seri Begawan, then go Limbang. We stayed a night at Limbang, at Purnama Hotel.We checked into 2 connecting rooms, a deluxe room. Then, the next morning, we go to Sabah!!! Before Sabah, Lawas, then Brunei again, Sundumin, Sipitang, Beaufort, Putatan, KK !!! We arrived at noon, then called my mom's friends and she showed us to hotel. We checked in Marina Court Resort Condo, but stated here Promenade Hotel Apartments, which one is true? Or its a collaboration? The condo got everything a house should have except for washing machine. It has 2 rooms plus 1 master bedroom, and 1 bathroom, a balcony which not facing the sea. Huahua....
At noon, we went for lunch at First Beach Tanjung Aru, yummy yummy.... Then, we ate Durians... Then, we went jalan jalan pasar tamu, where I can find dried salted fish like a lots, and fruits and ulaman and so so... and begs.... I bought a bag, a sling one, looks like a net, nice, really nice and bought key chains for my friends.... NICE! Then, we rest at the Condo and continue in the evening to One Borneo and go makan makan seafood. We were lost at first because there were no sign to One Borneo, there was one actually, stated there 7kms but my aunty saw it like 1kms more, so we could not reach or found it. Then, we round the city centre until we don't know where else to go, then I text my friend. She a Sabahan but lives in Tawau but used to KK. Also, I make a research on how to go to One Borneo using my 3G mobile phone... Then, by the help of those two we finally reached One Borneo.... After that, we went to Anjung Selera to have our seafood dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is the story of today's events.... Will keep on updated you guys later okay! Bye...

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Flytothezephyr said...

wow... sure u have lots of fun ya Izzul.. I hope u don'f 4get to buy me souvenirs.. ehehe.. :)