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Monday, May 23, 2011

Misunderstanding ...

Hello, everyone. Here I am again to share what I had experienced hours ago before the class ended today.

"The misunderstanding..."

Yesterday in the class, I had wrote a quotation "Don't ever come back to a relationship that was ended. It is just like repeatedly reading a book that we know the ending" on a piece of paper, of sake to snap a picture with it. And I had left the paper in the room, until today somebody pick it up and put it on my chair while I was not there. She knew I wrote that, so she just want to give me back. Then, I found it distracted as I want to sit so I put it on someone's table. Suddenly, that someone ask me who wrote that. I purposely said not me. I didn't noticed that she's not in the right mood maybe because she had conflict or fight with her boyfriend. She was indeed thought that the words was given for her to read. Then, before class end, she announced who wrote that, so I had to admit that I was doing that, but it was not for her. Then, she cried. Before class ended once again, I said to her that I had no intention either to mock or write the words for her, then an apology as well. It was my wrong too that I did not admit at first point she was asking me who wrote it. I was played jokes with her without I realized she is not in the right mood. That's the end of the story....

Moral of the story?

  • I had realized that not all people can accept jokes
  • I should not played people most of the times
  • I need to be serious sometime
  • Don't ever do that again to the person (only her, the rest still can)
  • What else?
  • Change for better Izzul Faiz bin Abdul Mutalip!

Suddenly, I really want to cry?! Weird, I need a shoulder but definitely I won't get it. Hahaha



it's true...
so next time think b4 u write something or do something

Anonymous said...

hahaha...izul...eventhough it was a long tym story...but...when i read this n recall back wat hppen dat day( i was there when she cried) was funny...n i couldnt understnd y she's being so senstve btw...doesnt mke sense at ol..but U...perfectly funny n charming by ur own wasnt ur fault

Izzul Faiz Abdul Mutalip said...

Anonymous?!!! Who are you?????