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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yesterday post supposedly Part 1

Hey, everyone... How are you guys doing? It has been 2 or 3 days I didn't post any entries here ... Well, the main reason is that I have no connection to the internet, and the bad connection to wifi ... 
So now let I started ...

Do yo guys remember that few days ago I keep on telling that I was busy with loads of things?
One day, we have no practice for pidato, so the whole night was free for relaxation and rest ... It was malam Jumaat and we supposedly have usrah at the surau. Then, I go surau lah with my room mates and have our makan makan as well, makan makan nasi lemak sambil berdakwah dan berusrah ... Feeling so tenang and calm bila berada di surau, after that I go solat jemaah ... Rindu saat saat budak budak ku dahulu, I used to solat jemaah and bila besar I live dalam zaman jahiliah ... Insya Allah, slowly step by step I'll go surau frequently every night ... because nothing is imposible if you believe it!

Then, I heard students bising2 practicing their choral speaking for English Week, then I have myself melawat to see their progress and so so ... They were busy too, and I see some of my friends (almost all) paying their extra attention to the choral speaking, I was there like a mandur ... haha

They have lack of time to practice and I can see everyone is busy, then only I had realized that I'm not the only person in my campus that is busy for all time, there are some of them yang lebih busy than me ...
Now, I had learned that it is important for me to give only one commitment for a time, that is why I refused to join choral speaking, story telling, public speaking and so so , even though I really really want it!

I was so free that night then only before 10pm I'm going back to my room, there is something to settle down, homeworks and tasks.... like a lot!!!

Because of the line barred, so no distraction for me to complete my homeworks... 

Until now, thanks for reading my post that is supposedly been posted few days back! 

p/s: Always remember that there are people around you ! :)

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