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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Appear ...

Hello everyone... This is my second post after 2 weeks I am not online. Yes, 2 weeks and I went through ups and downs within the weeks. I miss my blog so so so much! I am happy that finally I can log in to my blog and post the entry, as well as log in to facebook to post on my wall of what I am up to now, and log in to my twitter to tweet on my everyday deeds... I miss all my online friends... Did you guys miss me too?

I am happy to see that there is increase in number of my visitors to my blog... Nuffnang has the proof. I am happy too because I know you guys miss me damn much!

I remember my last post was 2 weeks ago, it was before I went to Pusat Integriti Malaysia for Pertandingan Pidato Integriti of national level. There were about 27 IPGs from all over Malaysia join the competition. Each IPG send 2 representative to make 54 contestants to chase for the title of Juara! Unfortunately, I just be the simpanan to gain experience and maybe next year I will join! I had taken several pictures on the day of the competition that I can't upload and share it with you guys now. On the closing ceremony there were lots of VIPs who come like the Deputy Minister of Malaysia who was our Minister of Education, as well as the Director of Institute of Teacher Education, Dato' Jins Shamsudin and many more. For sure there were also reporters from Berita Harian, NSTP, and lots more. Broadcasters like TV3, RTM, and AWANI were there too! The closing ceremony was indeed great and the 10 finalist had the experience to perform their pidato in front of the minister. As from 54 contestant, only top 10 contestant were chosen for the final which was held on the next day. Unfortunately, Nur Faizah Zailani was not able to reach the final, but Amariah Lopez did to final stage. She's doing well on the final day, there were also my seniors who come to support our IPG. Anyway, the competition was tough that the judges had hard time to pick a real winner. Finally, IPG Kampus Bahasa Melayu was announced the winner and he got RM3000 from Bank Islam as well as other prizes. Well. I promise myself that next year I will represent my campus for Pidato and be the Winner!!!

Within the week of pidato was actually my English Language Camp. Meaning, I escape the first two days of the camp and I had missed lots of fun activities. Before the camp was started, my classmates were having conflicts for the Choral Speaking, however at last the won 3rd place and the conflicts finally resolved. As I came to my campus, they were having skits practice for the night. I came to see and watch their skits even though I was not perform. My group was doing great that night but could not make to the final which will be held during the closing ceremony. Then, the next day was our trip to Media Prima supposedly. But at the very last minutes, they inform my lecturers that they will not be able to entertain us. Luckily, my lecturers quick in action that finally they brought us to Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom and Craft Center. We really really had fun. At the evening, there was Drama Workshop with Tria Aziz but I did not turn up. Then, the next day we have our Treasure Hunt. It was indeed fun and hard and tough, it was actually conducted by my seniors Cohort 5. They were amazing and the challenge was tough and mind challenging. Imagine that we have to eat fresh and raw onions... Eiwww....

Then, the closing ceremony just simple but the-not-best part was the camp has come to an end. This camp is the only thing that unite our batches and all of us escape from teaching and learning process in the class. The purpose of this camp was actually to gather the whole batches to get know each other from different classes well and to improvise our communication skills especially in using English.

Done ...

Then, what else???

As this post was written only after everything had happened, so I have no idea on what I am going to post now. I really really miss my blog this few days, as I feel alone and sad... Blog is the only place for me to express and pour everything I feel deep inside my heart. In the class lately, I was acted so annoying and irritating that maybe I hurt some of my friends. Well, this is me. If I felt sad or not happy, I will try to hide it by acting the other way me. I disturb people because only by that I gain happiness, sound so weird right? I started to feel that people dislike me especially my classmates, but I wasn't sure enough if my instinct was correct. But I think I am. I act like a small kid in the class that I was always disturb them, annoyed them by my words, irritated them by my act and so so and so... I miss my blog that it is the only place that I write everything about my feeling! I feel like I am alone right now! No, wrong! I am not alone but always lonely, that's it! LOnely ... I have no more closest friends that I can go out with, have our lunch and dinner together but I do it all alone now...

Frankly, I really really feel that I am losing someone right now, and I don't think so he would feel the same way because I know he indeed happy with his life now and his new friends. I just can't wait for our term break to meet all my old friends in hometown, plus everybody was completed their Foundation at Universities as well as completed their matriculation. They are having their holiday now... Jealous!

When is everything going to end? After English Week we have English LAnguage CAmp, and after that Sukan Tara, then KOT then Retirement Ceremony then bla bla bla then our play then never end assignments... Then, my baby Dell broke down, I don't know what had happened to him. I have no time to send him to Low Yatt... Then, money is always a problem too!

Guys, I think I am writing a thesis now... hehe

Thanks to those who had spend their time visiting my blog and read my post. What shocked me was the visitors are all over the world. Because those who read my blog are not blogger (i mean use blogspot) but they are actually a blogger but their blog is like a web... If you don't believe me take a look at my ChatBox then only you will see people keep on visit my blog and drop comments. When I click their link, they are not blogger who use blogspot like us... They are more and more advance than us. I am happy with that, for sure I check my Nuffnang too for confirmation. This 2 weeks there are about hundreds of people view my blog. Unfortunately, they did not Click on my Ads so my income stick to previous amount! Again, I stressed here I blogging not to earn money but to share on my everyday life to those who are interested.

I am happy too that frequently now I use English when I post a new entry. That day, my classmate Cik Intan also promotes my blog to my other classmates.

Guys, don't worry... Will be 24/7 on blog if I manage to fix my broken baby Dell...

okay, enough said! byeee.......

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